Design: Modern

The modern bathroom design is simply defined by its look. Straight, clean lines, uncluttered counter spaces and geometric shapes dominate the landscape. Modern design takes quite a departure from the antique and ornate detailed traditional interior design theme—in fact, the concept is exactly the opposite. Modern design is often confused with contemporary design but actually there is a distinct difference between the two.

The term contemporary design actually refers to materials and design themes that are new and popular at the present time—in other words, they’re in fashion at the moment. Modern design may have contemporary components as a part of a modern bathrooms overall design, but the modern design theme stands alone when compared to contemporary design. In fact, the term modern bathroom design is actually a misnomer in itself.

Modern design originated from a group of European designers and architects that graduated from the Bauhaus School of Design in the early 1920’s. These German students of “Modernism” honed the design philosophy of form over function and used a variety of industrial materials to help compliment the design. It was extremely popular up until it peaked in the 1960’s and today has found a resurgence thanks in part to modern technology in the bathroom. So as you can see, modern bathroom design isn’t as modern as it seems.

Modern bathroom designs were so popular as they offered a departure from the warm and cozy wooden Victorian design themes prevalent at the time. Over the decades, other cultures around the world began to develop a taste for the look and feel of simple elegance that is modern design.

But what really defines a modern bathroom design theme? Besides the look and feel of sleek cool lines and simple color palates with neutral tones, modern design elements often go hand in hand with organization. A well-organized space with minimal décor clutter and clever storage solutions screams modern bathroom design.